The “Ainokaze Cycle Train” will begin operation on April 17th.

It is a cycle train to get on at Higashi Toyama Station or Namerikawa Station, turn around at Tomari Station, and get off on Nyuzen Station or Kurobe Station.

Load your special bicycle onto the train, to easily enjoy your trip with your beloved machine.

Recommended for those who are reluctant about time and energy going to and back from the east area of Toyama such as Uozu City, Kurobe City, Nyuzen Town, and Asahi Town.

You must make reservations from the “Ainokaze Cycle Train” website to ride. Reserve from here.

Will operate once a day on every Saturdays and Sundays of April, May, August to October, and on second and fourth Saturdays and Sundays of June, July, and November, with a total of 50 operations until November 14th. The maximum capacity is 20 people, 1,000yen per person.

2-car operation

Secure your bike

Enjoy your ride to your destination